"This is a brilliantly-written tale of internal struggle and redemption in a time of great social and political upheaval."

IndieReader 5-star review of Before the Court of Heaven
2016 IndieReader Discovery Award – 1st Place: Fiction


Before the Court of Heaven

Historical fiction based on the true story of a fascist assassin, Ernst Werner Techow and his turning from evil. Three themes impel this novel: understanding the rise of Nazism, unfathomable forgiveness, and the complexity of redemption. A portrait of Germany between world wars, from revolution and unrest following World War I to the rise of the Nazis, World War II and the Holocaust, Before the Court of Heaven portrays ordinary people becoming complicit in extraordinary crimes.

Life in a Jar
The Irena Sendler Project

The non-fiction account of a Polish Catholic social worker, Irena Sendler, who rescued 2,500 Jewish children from the Warsaw ghetto. After the war her story remained unknown. Sixty years later, three Kansas teens researching a National History Day project find a reference to her heroism, which became a play they call Life in a Jar. Their play elevates Irena Sendler to hero and helps crack open Polish dialogue about the Holocaust. Three girls from Kansas “rescue the rescuer.”

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